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Perseverance and Patience- Local artist, ANU

Written and Published by X

Happy New Year! So far, it’s been a great start. Thank you all for the support, positivity, and love. I truly appreciate every single one of you. Last year felt like it lasted a lifetime but it’s finally 2023 and XtinaDC is here to bring you the best upcoming electronic music producers from all over the world. Today, we’re talking about an artist who makes some astonishing dubstep. His name is Shane Robinson, otherwise known as ANU. Like many, ANU has big goals for the new year. “This year's resolutions for my music are to finish at least 2 tracks a month, a goal that seems a little threatening, but enough to catalyze and keep me locked. I also want to expand my knowledge of marketing, alongside Spotify marketing. In November 2022, I decided to start going to the gym every day because I believed that it would help with my mental health, and it did! I believe a healthy mind helps with the creative process so I decided to add cold showers to my routine and the changes it caused in my mind were drastic.” ANU explained.

We love to hear when an artist can make that connection. It seems to me like ANU is bettering himself every day and working hard at it too. So, what does your creative process look like then?

“I create my music using the Ableton software on my Alienware 15 R3 laptop. I usually begin my production with percussion elements and then move to create the sub. Once I’ve laid out the foundation for my track, I begin to create the main bass; I use Xfer Serum to create the bass to get a general idea of what the bass will sound like. After finishing up the idea of my bass I will move to what the community calls post-processing and clean up, distort or add harmonics to my bass. Once finished I will add FX to help make the song feel fuller. When a general idea of my song is reached, I move on to balancing the levels of all my tracks and “EQing” certain parts of the song that need treatment. On occasion, I will throw a subliminal in my tracks in hopes someone will receive the message or I’ll try to create an environment for the listener so that they can immerse themselves deeper into the track.”

I love when an artist can also step out of their own perspective and into the audiences. It’s amazing how much time, effort, and care can go into a single track. How did you get into dubstep in the first place? When did you start making tracks?

“Since 2012 I’ve been headbanging to dubstep, bumping songs from channels that supported the scene like “UNK '', “TrapCity”, and "UKF ". Daily I would be searching for artists like Skrillex, Excision, Destroid, and other artists like DeadMau5, listening to hits like “I remember”, “Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites”, & “Strobe” (this one taught me patience). I always thought about making music but never saw it as a realistic idea. It wasn't until February 2020 that I finally decided to make a move and start producing Dubstep. I am forever grateful I made that decision.”

How has music influenced your life as a whole?

“In the year 2020, I was in the Air Force dreading my work life, my only source of entertainment was my nightlife, video games, and of course my roommates. Once I began to produce Dubstep, my life started to change drastically. COVID had just hit and due to quarantine, I was producing and mixing for 7 plus hours a day. Fast forwarding to now, three years later, my life is completely enveloped by music entirely caused by my passion for producing it. Since I was a kid, I have always loved the concept of music, who hasn’t? I have found within a moment that music plays a deep role in our lives, a role that is beyond the expression of words and just a matter of experience. Learning this has driven me to continue this journey no matter the challenges.”

What sets you apart from other producers?

“I believe that my philosophy and perspective on life sets me apart from most producers. I take major inspiration from my knowledge of Egypt and spiritual philosophies and translate them the best I can through music. Prior to being ANU, I was branded as Ego Death representing my current lifestyle at the time. ANU meaning “Anubis” and “anew” was my way of expressing my rebirth into a lighter consciousness or a way of presenting my journey through life. In the future, I plan to express more of my spirituality through my music.”

Hearing the origin of different producer’s stage names is always so interesting to me. I think this one definitely stands out above others. Making that kind of connection with your music is also very important. What else inspires you?

“Other than the need for a stable income my passion for music is driven by my philosophies of life; given to me by my father, philosophers, strangers, and my own experiences. I want to write music that not only sounds good but is healing on a molecular level every time you listen, a theory that would be considered ‘scientific blasphemy’. Truth is, sound heals and as a producer, you wield the power to change the world through vibrations. The question is: how can we as humans harness the power of sound and use it for good? Every time I get on my laptop to make music, I work towards achieving that goal, making it a backbone for my journey.”

Where has your music taken you? What has been your greatest accomplishment so far?

“Opening up Baltimore Soundstage for Midnight Tyrannosaurus was a huge achievement of mine back in 2022. From getting the text telling me I was booked to playing the last track out at the venue I was completely hyped. It was undoubtedly a full-circle moment for me as I had seen Midnight T perform sometime in 2019 at Soundstage. Seeing Midnight T perform in 2019 was major fuel to help push me to finally decide to pursue music production. His expression on stage, his mixing style, and the vibes that were generated were so next level at the time that I couldn't help but fall deeper for the scene.”

What about obstacles? Have there been any challenges?

“Over the last 3 years, I have faced too many challenges to count, all of which I am forever grateful for. With each challenge I gained insight into whatever I was facing, expanding my experienc