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Imagine a futuristic anti utopian world where you are preparing for the ultimate final battle between good and evil. From the Heavy Metal inspiration to the evolved sub-genre of Dubstep, KOLEKLEIN encapsulates tearout with an unfamiliar orchestral fusion and some powerfully driven Metal inspired vocals. The final touch of the grand choirs results in one of the most captivating, megalithic, cinematic experiences you may have ever heard. After listening to his music, there’s quite a few words that could describe how colossal his sound is. KOLEKLEIN can most definitely cause a few handrails to be yanked out of the ground.

KOLEKLEIN has been producing for 12 years. Ever since the age of 11 he was playing symphonies on the piano and singing on local radio stations. He was always striving to achieve a new instrument, which inspired the relentless work ethic to self-teach on instruments such as, the guitar, drums and piano. Around the age of 13 he bought a random CD in a record store which was the Metal band Underoath, shortly after discovering Skrillex on a Pandora radio station. Metal and Dubstep then became his favorite Genres, leading to his pursuit to become a music producer. He fixed up an old car and resold it using the profits to purchase music studio equipment and began learning music production.

KOLEKLEIN uses the DAW Ableton and tends to produce with strange and unorthodox methods like duplicating 3-8 disperser (Kiloheartz) or 8-15 EQ3 plug ins, a phase distortion trick giving a more “Juicy” sounding Bass or creatively utilizing clipping. “My go to plug ins are Serum (Xfer), Hollywood Choirs (EastWest), and Virtual Mix Rack (Slate Digital)”, he explained. Not only does he have a unique sound but creates a fusion of multiple genres with a story and a message that will leave you wanting to hear his next release. “The Music industry is an ever changing market, in just a few years from now if not already, blockchain technologies will be implemented giving a new way to generate income for independent artists. The Music Industry will be rapidly changing over the next few years, this is a great thing because in the past it has been very difficult to pursue a full-time career in music as an independent artist.” He conveyed.

KOLEKLEIN is a multi faceted entrepreneur and the founder of ILLUS Records. ILLUS Records is partnered with industry leaders in music & media to distribute independent artists around the world. Comprised of digital natives specialized in marketing, advertising, sync licensing, video monetization, performance rights services, press and more. He is also the founder of Nine Capital Global, an exclusive private network of investment opportunities, Klein Audio, an Audio & Technology Company working towards innovating the future of sound, NDX Laboratories, (Neural Development Complex) a stack of nootropic compounds that trigger all too the main neural receptors in the brain leading to the strengthening of current neural pathways and the trigger of new ones, CYBERW3AR an anti utopian cyber inspired futuristic clothing line and Co-founder of United Relation, a public relations firm and Klein & Klein, a premium marketing and web development agency.

KOLEKLEIN has lived a life of music since childhood, it not only impacted him positively but also negatively. “Music is a vibrational frequency that impacts your thoughts, emotions and perception. Sometimes a song will make you feel happy, energized, sad or even angry.” KOLEKLEIN conveyed, as he strives to invoke positivity, energy, empowerment and awareness. The influence of music is deep and diverse, from classical composers, orchestral compositions to heavy metal bands and bass music. While KOLEKLEIN has appreciated many artists over the years, he has gleaned different aspects from a multitude of artists that inspired his unique sound.

Although you never know where life will take you, the path that KOLEKLEIN is currently on is certainly what he intended. In a few years he foresees himself continuing his current pursuit within music, media, marketing and other facets of business whilst leaving an impactful message and influence on as many people as possible. “The biggest battle in life is the battle of the mind, we create limitations and boundaries within ourselves from our lack of experiences and belief systems. Controlling Mind, Will and Emotions are the link to your empowerment. Identify what your brand represents and understand your target audience. Make Good Quality, unique and creative music with a message and an impact and most importantly never give up.” KOLEKLEIN explained.

Lastly, FEMBOT is releasing July 1st. FEMBOT is an attractive female character in a futuristic dystopian world that has merged with technology. Although it seemed to be the smartest option at the time a group of bio hackers take control of FEMBOT and She becomes an assassin for an elite shadow government organization. But the fight within herself doesn’t stop, her spirit doesn’t die, which is why you need to listen to the next song KOLEKLEIN releases to find out the rest of the story. If you want to listen and look out for his newest releases, click the links below.




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