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DJ Bassassin's Journey through Sound and Inspiration

Written and published by X

In the ever-evolving world of electronic music, San Diego-based music producer DJ Bassassin emerges as a true maverick. His distinctive fusion of influences, coupled with unwavering passion, has earned him a revered place in the realm of EDM. In this exclusive Q&A, we delve into his musical odyssey, creative processes, and aspirations for the future.

Can you share a bit about your musical background and what led you to electronic music production?

Bassassin's journey into electronic music production was far from conventional. He recalls, "I studied music theory at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA and took guitar lessons for 3 years before that. I started making electronic music in 2009 after coming home from a rave and saying to myself, 'I could make that kind of music; it's so easy. It wasn’t easy, but I never quit.'" This epiphany marked the inception of a thrilling adventure that would mold him into the electrifying DJ and producer he is today.

How would you describe your musical style/genre, and what influences have contributed to shaping it?

Bassassin defines his style as "Thugstep," a unique blend of hip-hop and riddim/dubstep. He expounds, "My sound was shaped by both trap EDM and trap hip-hop, " giving rise to a captivating fusion that keeps audiences engaged and intrigued. His genre-defying approach draws from a multitude of musical inspirations, making his compositions a dynamic journey for the listener.

Could you take us through your typical creative process when producing a new track?

When it comes to creating music, Bassassin approaches it as an art of patience and inspiration. He offers insight into his process, saying, "Over the course of several days, I come up with one-liners, sample ideas, movie quotes, music techniques, and they come to me at random times of the day." His songs take root in a central concept or theme, allowing the beat to organically take shape around it, resulting in his signature sound.

Many producers face creative blocks. How do you overcome these challenges and keep your creative momentum flowing?

Bassassin's method for conquering creative obstacles is straightforward yet effective: time. He advises, "I get over writer's block by just letting time pass. There's so much other work that I need to do than to just stare at a blank screen. I could even come up with a drum pattern one day than come back to it a week later with bass to match it.”

What do you enjoy most about performing live, and how do you connect with your audience?

The thrill of performing live is what fuels Bassassin's passion. He takes sheer delight in the stage, never experiencing stage fright or nervousness. His connection with the audience is visceral, achieved through dynamic DJing, captivating visuals, and engaging antics. “I love the feeling of being on stage. I have never gotten stage fright or even nervous before a show. I don’t allow negative thought to bother me on show day. I connect with them by actually djing and putting on a live show with visuals, throwing merch into the crowd and stage diving.”

Are there any artists you dream of collaborating with, and why?

Bassassin aspires to collaborate with versatile artists like Marshmello, who demonstrates an ability to produce across a wide range of genres. He shares, "I admire his versatility to produce any genre, and I strive not to be tied down to one or two genres." His dreams extend beyond the EDM horizon; he envisions sitting down with renowned pop songwriters like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, to witness their creative processes and craft music that resonates with millions.

What advice would you give to emerging electronic music producers looking to establish themselves in the industry?

His counsel for emerging producers is grounded in the pragmatism of the music industry. He advocates, "Have a promotion budget. It doesn't matter how good you are if no one knows who you are."

How do you measure or define your growth as an electronic music producer, and what goals do you aspire to achieve in the coming years?

In 2023, Bassassin received his first music award, a San Diego Music Award for his track "Padre Gang." With an eye on the future, his next milestone is embarking on a tour, bringing his electrifying music to fans across the nation. “This song also got on two radio stations here in San Diego. My next goal is to go on tour.”

How do you continue to find new sources of inspiration for your music and keep your creativity flowing?

Bassassin's approach to inspiration is all-encompassing. He shares, "I get inspired by listening to every genre of music, from artists all over the world, and from every decade.” With nearly 5000 artists on his Spotify playlist, he draws ideas from this diverse pool, ensuring his creativity remains a perpetual force. “Pulling ideas from that many artists really keeps me motivated.”

Building a community around your music can have a significant impact. How do you engage with your fanbase and encourage a sense of belonging among your listeners?

Bassassin keeps his fans close and connected, maintaining open DMs for music discussions and casual chats. He affirms,

"I make music for music lovers. So if you are someone that can listen to everything, you are welcome to listen to my music."

As we conclude our Q&A with DJ Bassassin, it's evident that his journey in electronic music is one of passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of creativity. From his unique "Thugstep" style to his dreams of collaborating with musical giants, he stands as a powerhouse in the EDM scene, and the future holds exciting possibilities for this artist. So, stay tuned and get ready to sway to the infectious beats of DJ Bassassin as he continues to captivate the world with his music. Social and streaming links below.


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