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It hasn’t been 2023 for long but I can already tell that this is going to be a great year for house and techno. That being said, if you’re into house, techno and everything in between, you’ll definitely want to be on the lookout for Ryan Christianson, otherwise known as Elektrik Ryhno. Just like all of us, Elektrik Ryhno is someone who has a lot of passion and love for electronic music. “Electronic music has quite literally saved my life, and I wanted to give back to the music community for that reason” He explained. I know we can all relate to that. Music is the best healer out there.

Elektrik Rhyno has been on Beatport, breaking a top 50 and maintaining it for over a week. Currently he’s charting on Beatport once again at #12 in Hype Picks and placed for 21 days in Beatport with the trance genre . I’m extremely impressed and think it’s definitely well-deserved considering the quality. So, what does your music making process look like? Has there been any challenges? “I typically will start with a drum line, move to bass lines, then vocal work, percussions and then filter in my hats, FX etc., it’s virtually the same with my workflow each time. A difficult aspect of production was the lack of knowledge in my beginnings, it’s critical to persevere past these moments to gain knowledge and traction, I’ve been fortunate to release with 8 labels and counting, however, my music in the past has been more rudimentary in my opinion. Lately I feel I’ve grown immensely and it will show in future productions.” Ryhno Explained.

What do you believe sets you apart from other producers and DJs in the scene? How do you feel about the current industry?

I believe what sets me apart is in some ways my diversity in genres as well as creative expression from what feels good - I do not hunt particular sounds, rather I feel them. I have influences but I hardly ever look to them anymore as I feel my own creations. I hope to break out of the underground scene in the next couple years. My goals are big, like DJing at big festivals like Tomorrowland, Ultra, (etc.) As for the industry itself, I really don’t know what to say about where it’s heading. I feel as if there’s a greater focus at hands, the artists. Did you know that, currently only 17% of DJ’S make their own music? My ideas are growing daily and I believe if I follow my own path, I’ll be successful in a pure way. I do not believe in emulating another artist, I feel the best way is to stay true to my diverse sound.

Expressing yourself through music is such a beautiful thing. Being able to stay authentic while doing so is key to being your best self and is an essential element of artistry. Your art needs to come from a genuine place, because your audience can tell when something feels inauthentic. I love that Elektrik Rhyno stays true to himself and his audience. This is why he’s been able to be so successful. You can truly hear the passion through his music. This is something that everyone can learn from, even if you’re not a musician or producer, staying true to who you are and making art that makes the most sense to you is the key to success. Confidence plays a huge role in this.