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Built, Created and Designed by Christina Setliff

Welcome, my name is Christina Setliff and I've been in the nightlife and electronic music scene in Washington, DC for more than a few years now. I've always loved writing, fashion and marketing, so I put all three of those things in a website and went to work. I love to write about the scene and the people in it, more specifically the artists. I know it's hard wanting to be seen but not having the tools to do so. So that's what I wanted to give to my community. 

XtinaDC is a distinguished, conglomerate LLC, offering customers a collection of quality products at fair prices. I've worked hard designing my stores and creating/choosing products that customers will love, so your visit is always an enjoyable experience and you'll always find something you need. Whether it's clubbing/festival clothes, new music, marketing tools or whatever your heart desires, I have it. 

I've built a name for myself and my brand, and it's something I'm extremely proud of. I'd love for you to join me on this journey of being in the spotlight, getting out of our comfort zones, and being exactly who we're supposed to be. 

After all, I am your party entity, and what I say goes.

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