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Beautiful Energy- Local Artist, Leo Diaz

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Written and Published by X

Leo Diaz, otherwise known as MindLo$t, is a local producer from Washington Dc who makes electronic and house music. As some of you may know, I do my interviews virtually, through Instagram DMs, which almost makes it easier to get a sense of the kind of DJs I’m working with. No, I can’t observe their body language, facial expressions, emotions or anything like that, so there is a downside. But- I am able to see how and what they post on social media, which is just what I need. One thing I noticed about Leo was that he posts music constantly, which is a very wise idea. When you’re constant with putting out music, you stay relevant, and you share your growth. Scrolling through all his IGTV lives, I could tell there had been a lot of growth from his first post in 2019, until now.

Leo told me there were plenty of artists he looked up to, such as the Martinez Brothers, Green Velvet, Chris Lake, and Michael Bibi. “I use their tracks as reference points, and then go off into making my own individual style.” Having so many inspiring producers to look up to is so important. It sparks your fuel. House is one of those things where you can always create structure, but style is so important when you want to create something unique. From what I could tell, Leo has his own unique style that he’s built up over the years.

“if you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?”

“I would say… let the artist do their thing. Sometimes big labels only allow their artists to release certain songs and won’t let them show their full craft.”

Agreed. Artists need to be able to show the world what they want to, and not feel trapped just because they’re under a label. Labels should be more like partnerships than anything, but unfortunately that’s not always the case.

“I started making music in 2019. It’s helped me with life in general and I feel as if I can express myself through music. House music is just a beautiful energy. It really does heal you. It helped me get out of my shell.” Leo explained. He also mentioned that he used to only mix in his room, then he started getting invited out to house parties and birthdays to play his music. He also conveyed that he would test out his music to see what people liked and what they didn’t. Many have told him that they had never really listened to much house music, but Leo opened their ears to new sounds and new emotions. Not only are strangers supporting Leo through out his music journey, but he also said his friends are his biggest supporters, which is so great to hear.

“I just started adding more Spanish in my music just to see what other genres I could mix into house because I always want to keep being versatile within my music selection.” Said Leo. After hearing so many of his mixes, I can conclude that his music is for people like me. People who love to feel the music in their soul and DANCE. It’s very fast pace and energetic. It’s everything you want to hear when you’re out at a party or club. I love the new touch and I can’t wait to hear more. If you want to hear some of Mindlo$t, click the links below and groove! -X

MINDLO$T on Soundcloud:

Some of my favorite mixes of his:



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