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Let's get Deep

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Written and Published by X

Listening to music is not just listening to music anymore. It’s an experience. These producers are stepping up and Getter is just one example of how detailed electronic music can get. I’m sure you’ve all heard, but Getter released a 6-track EP. Getter is one of my favorites so of course I had to listen to the entire thing. It was pretty damn good, but I had no idea at the time how meticulous he had been with these tracks. It’s said that the tracks are conveyed in a way that can be translated into Morse code. Personally, I think music is better with meaning, codes, and messages behind it. It ties in the whole idea of being personal with your music.

That being said, some people will never understand. Take his album, Visceral. That was one of his best albums but many disagreed because he chimed away from his regular dubstep. That’s when you know that most people don’t understand what it’s all about. He tried something different, something more meaningful, and many couldn’t appreciate it because they only care about what they can head bang to. (By the way, head banging was never my forte, it’s actually become a little bit annoying.) Anyways, if you’re thinking about listening to that album again, do it. It’s actually one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever listened to.

We’ve seen unique messages before with Porter Robinson as well. Each and every one of his songs on his album Nurture have significance within the kicks, melody, and vocals. Even the smallest things can affect how personal and intricate your music can be. It’s important to feel connected through your art. It’s not just with music, it’s with painting, cooking, writing, any hobby you can think of. I guess that’s where the metaphor “made with love” comes in.

Many music enthusiasts say that many of their songs have a meaning behind it that isn’t visible to the audience. So my question for you is, would you rather know the meaning? Or would you rather guess or make your own meaning behind it? I couldn’t tell you which one I would pick. I love having songs that mean something different to me than others would think. Like, if you had your first kiss to an old sad song. Maybe the meaning behind it was that the artist had depression because someone close to them had past, but for you, that song brings back old memories of a kiss. So yes, music is more than just an art, it’s an experience. -X


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