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It’s not often that you see a producer who is also a vocalist, but that’s what makes KAEDO so unique. KAEDO is an electronic music producer that makes a wide variety of dubstep that involves metal and tear out. He explained that before he got into the EDM scene, he was in a band called Running From Humanity. It was a combination of metalcore and electronic infused breakdowns. “I was the lead singer and producer for the band. I later got into the EDM scene because I thought it would be unique to combine more of my favorite genres of music into a new hybrid of bass music and metal.” KAEDO explained. Personally, I think combining two genres is an interesting and remarkable concept. I find that with music, you can never limit what you do because there’s always room to grow.

I can see that KAEDO never limits himself. In fact, he started unraveling the beauty of music at an early age. “I was at the age of eleven when I was taken to my first concert ever. My father took me to see Nine Inch Nails and ever since that day, I’ve loved loud rock and metal ever since. At the age of thirteen I received my first drum kit which was a Roland TD-7 E kit. You couldn’t get me off those drums and I discovered more and more heavy music trying to learn the hardest drum parts possible.” KAEDO explained. I love to hear electronic music producers’ stories of how they got into music, because it usually starts at an early age, then progresses into a more advanced version of what they started out with. Getting into music when you are a child pushes you to be a better musician when you’re older, and many take inspiration from their younger selves.

He then took his talent further and started producing with different software’s to start his journey with electronic music. I then asked, what does your music making process look like? Has it always been this way?

“I used to produce music with the DAW Logic Pro X for all of my Metal projects and drum covers but I later switched to Ableton Live for all of the amazing stock plugins they offer. All of my bass design comes from the XFER plugin Serum where I get to make all sorts of unique wavetables and sounds. My vocal production consists of Joey Sturgis Tones plugins.”

KAEDO has performed at numerous venues from Tampa to Orlando. He explained that his all-time favorite show that he performed at was in late 2020. “Riot Ten played in Orlando Florida at BASS NIGHT and we had a sold-out crowd who flew in from all over the country to see this show. I still talk to a bunch of people from that show still to this day.” KAEDO added. As an artist, connecting with fans through conversation and music is such a terrific way to show your appreciation and love. It is so important to have this connection because music tells a story, and someone listening might relate to that story. It makes people feel less alone, and that’s the beauty of it all.

KAEDO recently released a new track called Treason, and the track has great meaning behind it as well. “Treason is a song about pledging your allegiance to an organization, friend or loved one ultimately leading to betrayal. I feel as though many people go through life not knowing who to show their trust too. The fear of betrayal has manifested in many due to the unfortunate facets of life and society.

"This song was written to give you hope that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, even when you thought you could trust someone or something and they let you down, your collective perseverance will always prevail.”

KAEDO proclaimed. Artists that tell a story with their music have more than just talent, they have passion and a love for connection, and I think that’s so important in our industry, because many artists are missing that key aspect.

Speaking of the electronic music industry, who are you most inspired by? Who would you most like to collaborate with?

“I’ve been heavily inspired by bands like Ice Nine Kills and Motionless in White, The blending of Heavy Metalcore, Goth, and Theater from those bands are so creative and well put together. I would love to do a collaboration on a song with Spencer Charnas or Chris Motionless. My favorite artists in the EDM scene are Svdden Death and Rezz.” Lastly, what are your goals for the next couple of years? What will you bring to the table? KAEDO added, “My ultimate goal for these next couple of years is to be touring as an artist full time. I want to play shows in Tokyo and Kyoto Japan. I want to bring forth a new era of cyber-metal, mixing dubstep and metal into a new hybrid of neck breaking music.”

What is it about music that makes you passionate? And what is one message or piece of advice you would give to upcoming artists? “Seeing people’s reaction to my songs live is what drives me so hard as a musician. There’s no better feeling then seeing people go crazy for your productions. It pumps life into me. If you are just getting into producing, or you just bought your first instrument, always remember that your hero’s started at the very bottom. You can be an outstanding performer if you practice your craft super hard.” KAEDO explained. Overall, KAEDO is an incredibly unique artist with some amazing talent, mixing bass music and metal to make insanely powerful and admirable music. I cannot wait to see more of him in our industry and I look forward to listening to new music! Click the links below to listen to more of KAEDO.

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Spotify :

Instagram : @kaedodubz

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