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Creating With Intent- Local Artist, Bryan Matott

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Written and Published by X

If you’re looking for high energy, intense intros and well-structured sound design, Bryan Matott, otherwise known as “Dutchman” from Northern Virginia, creates the exact kind of dubstep you’re looking for. I was extremely impressed when I first listened to one of his songs and I could instantly tell how meticulous he is with his sound. “I produce dubstep, but I’m known to break into other bass heavy subgenres. I’m an old bass head. I got into the scene listening to dubstep back in 2009 and I’ve been infatuated with the style ever since.” Said Dutchman.

Can you describe what your music making process looks like?

“Everyone approaches the production process differently. There is no right or wrong way. I like to produce with intent, what I’m feeling, and what I want the listener to feel. I like using softer vibey melodies but layering some killer basslines over it, then set the vibe and build off that. The process for myself is not always the same, but the intent is always there.”

This has been one of my favorite answers from an artist in a long time. Dutchman is spot on with how he goes about looking at music. There is no right or wrong way, there’s only your individual emotions and what you feel sounds good and how you convey that to your listeners. When it comes to an art like music, you have that freedom to make it whatever you want it to be. As I mentioned before, his structure is extremely well developed and it’s definitely unique in the best way possible. Not many producers have gotten there yet, and that’s okay. It takes time to figure out your process, but once you get it down, you’ll be killing tracks just like Dutchman.

So, what inspired your DJ name, “Dutchman”?

“Funny story, about 15 years ago, before I was even producing this kind of music, I recall being in a car with those old Dutch tubes on all my fingers (like Edward Scissor Hands) and someone called me ‘The Dutchman.’ All my friends have called me that, or a variation of that, since.”

Do you feel like you’ve grown as an artist? If so, in what ways?

“Oh, for sure. Production wise, I have learned so much. Being completely self-taught, there is always room for improvement, and I am always in seek of knowledge. My sound design and mixdowns have drastically improved since my earlier days, and with that my confidence to share my music has grown as well.”

There’s a lot to learn here. Most producers in our community are (for the most part) self-taught. Having an open mind to learning more should always be the goal. As artists, we’re all looking to reach the top, but we fail to recognize that there is no finish line. We can only go up from where we are. Even the biggest, most talented artists out there have more to learn. The journey is endless and not linear, but I find beauty in that, and you should too. If you feel like you’re improving and you feel confident in your music, you’ve automatically succeeded, and you’ll keep succeeding. Many DJ’s and producers who are just starting out feel like they’re behind on their skills and are scared to move forward. It can be scary. Just know that it takes time and a lot of practice before you start to feel like you’re actually making something good. No one just gets it right off the bat. With patience and passion, you’ll get where you need to be. Just listen to other artists who used to be in the same position, they’ll always have great advice on what to do and how to keep at it.

What’s your advice for these upcoming artists?

“It’s not about how fast you make it, but how long you last. Create with intent and don’t chase others. Don’t give up, your sound will be heard.”

Who and what inspires your music?

“Personal experiences directly inspire my music. The ability to translate ones experience to another via sound is otherworldly. Knowing that we have the ability to do such is quite an exciting concept. I’ve always been inspired by Born I. Although we are not within the same genre, his message and intent with his delivery, is everything music needs to be. I tend to attach to artists who share stories with their art, this is also the route I take. I want the listener to feel. As for dubstep artists who have inspired me, I’d say Cookie Monsta (RIP) and Figure, two masters of their own unique craft.”

What emotions do you go through when you play shows?

“I’ve performed at various events, ranging from empty basements to packed clubs and all in-between. Every single time there is so much anxiety built up within me prior to a performance. This is likely due to my social anxiety or anticipation. Luckily, as soon as I begin playing, that veil is lifted from me and I am free. I leave each set feeling like million bucks, having been able to share my art with others. Playing in front of larger crowds doesn’t change the dynamic, its actually less pressure for me.” Said Dutchman.

If you’re an artist and you want to play your music for others but you’re feeling anxious, this is great to hear. You might feel anxious at first, but once you’re up there doing your thing, you’ll have a really fun time, and the pressure and your anxiety won’t prevail.

“What venues have you played at? Who have you played support for?

I’ve played at Canal Club, Soundcheck, Factory Project, The Recher and HMAC. I’ve supported Drippy, Crowell, Notixx, Space Wizard, Shizzlo, Computa, and several Subsidia artists. I was also booked for Dirty Snatcha and Rico Act, as well as Al Ross, Dirtyphonics, but these events were canceled…”

Speaking of cancellations, how has covid effected your journey with music and playing shows?

“It’s been wild, I got to be part of the initial live stream push that occurred early covid days and was able to perform at some unique locations with a good team. Since then, it’s been a slow and steady climb back to reality. In-person, events are hit or miss with all the mandates, but my vision and goals remain strong. We mustn’t let the time off clear all that we’ve built. There is also a new generation of music lovers showing out after the initial covid scare, and we have to be here to pave that path for them.”

Is there anything you would change about our community? Anything you like in particular?

“My vision stays on the sound. I want to see the scene flourish as a community of music lovers with good intentions. It needs to return to being about the music, and not the politics. I do however enjoy the many walks of life that come together as one when good sound is flowing.”

What are your dreams in terms of music for the next few years?

“I plan to continue to grow my brand, my sound, and my following. I’ve been steadily landing gigs of higher caliber and hope to continue on that path, spreading my sound to as many people as I can. I try to stay true to myself, and true to my roots. It’s a slow but steady path. I’m not racing anyone or chasing anything. I don’t do this for money, I don’t do it for fame, I do this for the love of music and will continue that mindset into the future.”

I’m truly inspired, and I hope all of you are too. The love of music is enough to keep anyone going. I can tell that Dutchman is not only a great artist with a unique style and killer melodies, he’s also very inspirational. While listening to his music, I could tell that he takes his time on the design and let me tell you his intros are crazy intense and addicting to listen to. I really enjoyed every second of his music. If you want to hear some insanely good dubstep, check out the links below and don’t forget to follow Dutchman on socials. -X

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