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Angela, our Angel

Written and published by X

You know Angela, right? She’s so helpful. Really popular with all the bartenders too, they all know her name! Did you know Angela has been around since 2016? She helps all genders and won’t discriminate. Such a sweet girl! You should ask for her next time you feel unsafe.

Angela is the name of a campaign that started in England to help people who felt unsafe at bars, restaurants, and venues. You ask for Angela (or an angel shot) and the workers will know to help you. With dating apps like tinder and bumble, more and more people are going on dates with complete strangers. The concern is not “will this work out?”, it’s, “did I match with a murderer?” I have to say, I like the progressiveness and hope that we keep moving forward to make nightlife less endangering. Another thing I saw was introduced was cup covers. They’re little rubbery covers for your drink so no one can try to roofie you. It’s a simple, yet great invention.

Unfortunately, we live in an evil world and need to take these precautions. It could happen to anyone. I know a lot of people might argue that spreading the whole concept of Angela could ruin it for people, but once you say the word, even if your date hears you, the workers will at least know that you’re in trouble and can call security or who ever to help out right away. Don’t let these difficulties take away your fun. Just be safe and have a good time. Try your best to stay away from bad people.

When you’re constantly part of nightlife in the city, you’re living life in the fast lane, and that’s not always a good thing. Coming from someone who goes out to DC every weekend, you need a break every now and then. It’s not as crazy as Vegas of course but you still get a taste of sin city (Of course I had to reference Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas). It can be a lot of bad energy and numbness. Don’t hurt your soul, cleanse yourself. There’s no reason you should be spending hundreds of dollars at the club every weekend and wearing yourself out. I’ve seen it ruin some people. Even if the person you’re on a date with isn’t assaulting you or harming you in any way, but you can tell somethings off with them, ask for Angela. A lot of the same people who get caught up in that “sin city” part of the nightlife scene are the same people who roofie drinks. Be careful out there. -X


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