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Unveiling 'The Vault': A Private Networking Haven for the Electronic Music Industry

Written and published by X

What inspired the creation of 'The Vault' and the idea behind a private networking group for the music industry?

The founder of 'The Vault', Jamess, explains that the inspiration behind its creation aligns with an overarching mission: "The mission with Squid Shit has been to give a platform for talented but overlooked artists." This mission, originally focused on live events and headlining opportunities, has evolved into 'The Vault,' extending its weight into artists' growth and journey. "Our mission holds the same weight but spreads it into their growth and journey. As we all know, most of our goals lie gatekept, so I want to create a space where people feel comfortable asking for help," the founder asserts. The driving force behind 'The Vault' is to create a space where individuals feel comfortable asking for help, acknowledging the prevalent challenges in achieving artistic goals.

Can you share more details about the monthly networking events? What can industry professionals expect when they attend?

Transitioning into the logistics, Jamess sheds light on the monthly networking events scheduled to commence on February 8th. "We will gather everyone for our first in-person monthly networking event," the founder discloses. "These events aim to bring together professionals from diverse sectors of the music industry, including promoters, street team promoters, production staff, DJs/producers, investors, artist agents/managers, photographers/videographers, VJs, and more. We are welcoming people from all over to come and meet other industry professionals." Attendees can anticipate opportunities to forge potential business relationships, with open decks allowing artists to showcase their talents for potential bookings. The exclusive announcement dates for these events will be posted solely in 'The Vault's' private Facebook group.

How do you envision 'The Vault' facilitating collaboration and meaningful relationships among professionals in the music industry?

Delving into the core vision, the founder articulates a desire for collaborations within 'The Vault' to be authentic. "We want collaborations to be genuine, not only to grow but to vet who we are working with and to make sure every step that's taken is in the right direction. 'The Vault' is positioned as a space where professionals can come together, fostering relationships that go beyond surface-level connections and result in meaningful, long-lasting collaborations."

Could you elaborate on the concept of open decks at your events? How will this benefit artists and promoters?

"We want DJs and producers who are looking to perform live to have the opportunity to showcase their talent," This opportunity allows artists to showcase their talents directly to promoters attending 'The Vault's' networking events. "We're creating a space and fair chance for everyone involved to grow or just get feedback from other industry professionals," She explains.

Tell us about the content you plan to feature on your Instagram and public Facebook group. What kind of exclusive interviews can followers expect?

Transitioning to the digital realm, she states that "Followers can anticipate a variety of engaging content, including educational tips for producers/DJs, podcasts, interviews with industry professionals and creatives (available on YouTube, IG, FB & TikTok), and entertaining videos featuring the 'The Vault' team and colleagues."

For the private Facebook group, what exclusive announcements and benefits will be available to industry workers who join?

"Our private group will be a necessity for fellow music industry workers of all backgrounds and music genres to connect privately as a whole." The group serves as the primary platform for exclusive announcements, including the unveiling of networking events. Joining this group provides industry workers with privileged access to information and opportunities within 'The Vault.'

Are there any specific goals or long-term visions you have for 'The Vault' in terms of its impact on the music industry?

Transitioning to long-term visions, the founder outlines the expansive goals for 'The Vault.', "I'm looking to be completely inclusive with this project." The overarching vision is one of complete inclusivity, aiming to unite the talented industry professionals of all kinds. "The most successful people are working together, not competing," She emphasizes. With limitless goals, 'The Vault' seeks to collaborate with top-tier industry professionals, providing education, knowledge, and entertainment for a like-minded community. "Our goals are limitless with this project," the founder affirms.

Is there anything else you want to share?

"We are always going to be looking for people to collaborate with!" 'The Vault' is actively seeking individuals interested in interviews, classes, mix series releases, and more. "We want everyone to feel free to reach out to us for specific inquiries." the founder invites. While an official submission form is in development, the team welcomes direct emails for seamless communication, but for the time being, they will be using their direct email. -( 'The Vault' stands as a dynamic space, inviting industry professionals to join hands, share experiences, and contribute to a thriving community.


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