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Ticket Scammers

Written and Published by X

Scrolling through venues and clubs comments on their social medias has got to be the craziest thing ever because of how many ticket scammers there are. Not only will they scam your money, but they could also go as far as taking your card information and draining out every last penny in your bank account. Recently I've been seeing more and more every day. I don't know if they’re bots or just really desperate scammers that make multiple accounts, but there are countless that say the same comments every time, and I just can’t wrap my head around it. It’s always “Plans changed, does anyone need a ticket?” or “Tickets for sale” as if we can’t see how ridiculous their accounts look. It really is a pain sometimes, especially when a show is sold out and you’re looking last minute! But I’m going to give you all tips on how to not get scammed.

First of all, never go to the comments for tickets, because nine times out of ten, they’re scammers. You can almost always tell when someone’s account looks fresh and fake. They won’t have many followers, and they also probably won’t have any mutual friends. That’s one thing I would definitely look after, is how many mutuals they have- because if you follow people in the community, you’re bound to have mutuals. Same goes for location. Don’t ever wire your money either, it’s just not worth it. Most people will use Cashapp, Paypal, Zelle, or Venmo. You should also never pay with a prepaid money card. If you need to meet someone to get the ticket, make sure you meet in public, and preferably with a friend. Don’t ever pay without seeing the ticket first, and lastly, always report a scam. Those are the rules!

Festival season is here, and with all the planning that goes into a festival, you want to make sure you go straight to the source. If you don’t have that option, make sure you see the ticket first! There’s been so many stories of people planning out their travel expenses, their outfits, saving up money for the festival itself, and then boom. They realize they got scammed off a ticket. It’s such a horrible thing to do and the scammers really just ruin it for everyone, so make sure you be safe, cautious, and do everything you can to not get scammed! Good luck. -X


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