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Get Featured on My Blog

For Music Producers, DJs, Singers, And All Other Artists

Gain more credibility. Advertise your music. Build an Audience.

What is

  • is an official business and LLC. I sell marketing tools, clothing and also model for different clubs and venues in DC. And of course, I run an official blog!
  • If you’d like to learn more, go on my website, and click the + button under “About”.

Why should I be featured in your blog? What will I gain as an artist?

  • Keep in mind that much of my audience lives in DC and is part of the EDM community as well as the nightlife community, so that’s the audience you’ll be exposed to the most.
  • Press is always good, especially when it’s good press.
  • I keep things authentic. I will not write about an artist if I feel like their music content isn’t up to par. That being said, I’ve never turned anyone down so far, and it won’t hurt to try! Even if you’re a beginner, you still have just as much of a chance as anyone else, as long as you think your music is good, others probably will too.
  • You will be able to advertise links to your music, your socials, and whatever else you’d like to my following. Keep in mind that I have a big following and I will be adding a link to our article on my story. (I also expect you to post the article link on your story as well)
  • An Instagram verification requires certain entities. Press articles are a part of these entities.
  • Being able to say, “I have an article written about me and my music” is a privilege.

That sounds amazing. How can I contact you?

  • You can either email me at with the subject line as, “Blog Post Request” or you can simply DM me on Instagram!
  • If I don’t answer one or the other in the next 48 hours, please feel free to send another message or email.

What does the process look like?

  • After you’ve contacted me, we can start the interview process.
  • I will ask you (through DM, text, or email) a series of questions that will be simple to answer. Please try your best to keep them a paragraph or less. I’ll go over the length a little more in depth when I send out the email with the questions.
  • Once I feel like I’ve gotten enough information I will then let you know a time period of when I’ll be writing your article.
  • What I need from you: 1-2 Pictures, links to your music and socials, an email to send the draft to and an EPK (if you don’t have one that’s fine!)
  • After I finish writing I’ll email you the draft. Please let me know if I misquoted you or if there are any errors before I post!
  • I expect you to promote the article on your socials as well. Try to promote your article as much as you can!
  • After I’ve posted the article on my blog and socials, that’s when I require the remaining payment! (see below)

Payment details

  • The full price of an article is $110. A $50 deposit made through Zelle, cashapp or paypal must be made before I start writing the article. The remander of the payment, ($60) will be made after the article is posted on my blog and to my socials. 
  • Once the article is up, the remaining payment can be done on my website. Go to SHOP > Services and it’s the very first block that pops up, “Article Payment”.
  • Once the article is posted, you have 24 hours to pay the remaining (or start paying if you decide to use a payment plan), if payment is not done in this timeframe, I will do what I need to do. Remember, I am an official, legal, business and I do not tolerate stealing.
  • I understand that many artists are struggling financially due to covid. I offer discounts and payment plans for those who cannot pay the full price. If you tell me your situation, we can work something out. If you truly have the money to pay for the product, please do so and don’t take advantage of my generosity! I do this for the passion of others.
  • I am a business, and you are my client. Please remain professional within our conversations. I do not tolerate any disrespect. Thank you!




Remaining Press Article Payment

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